Who We Are

Founded in 1978, The Flagler County Art League (FCAL) is a 501c3 non-profit and presently has a membership of over 400 art lovers, supporters and artists at all levels and is a center for the visual arts in Flagler County.


For Artists and Art Lovers

We offer artists exhibit space, daily classes, workshops, lecture series, a book club, meetings with well-known speakers, a members gift shop and numerous locations to display their art in the community. Members who are new to our community have found a “family”!


For the Community

We offer a free monthly fine art show every Second Saturday, frequently incorporating music, dance and poetry.  We have presented programs out in the community such as our recent Wittman lecture at the Flagler Auditorium and with support can provide more such important projects. We have incorporated fundraisers for charities into our shows and have donated to animal rescue groups, cancer, Alzheimer’s Association, Project WARM, Forgotten Women Project, youth music programs, church missions and we have worked on other community projects such as Rotary’s “Fantasy Lights”.



To support other arts organizations we have worked with Palm Coast Arts Foundation, the Flagler Youth Orchestra, the Flagler Playhouse, the Flagler Auditorium and City Repertory Theatre on fundraising and other projects. We offer a free space to meet for the Colored Pencil Society, the Orchid Society and the Photography Club of Flagler County. 



We support local high school students by exhibiting their work in our gallery, judging shows at the schools and providing annual scholarships. We have recently sponsored our third annual “ArtWorks” project - initiated in 2016, it is designed to encourage local high school students to pursue careers in the arts and to recognize former local students who have successful careers in the arts by placing them in our Arts Hall of Fame at Flagler Palm Coast High School

Research has shown that the arts are not only the heart and soul of a community and the cornerstone of tourism, but an economic engine, as well. Our county is well known for wonderful beaches and numerous outdoor parks and bicycle trails, but home buyers or businesses will prefer to locate to an area that also adds a vibrant arts and culture community(*note research from Lee County, FL below). FCAL has been actively promoting the full range of arts and culture available and would like support to expand this initiative.


*Lee County’s nonprofit arts and culture industry generated $68.3 million in annual economic activity - supporting 2,038 full-time equivalent jobs and generating $9.4 million in local and state government revenues, according to the new Arts & Economic Prosperity IV national economic impact study. This was the most comprehensive economic impact study of the nonprofit arts and culture industry ever conducted in the United States.


501c3 Organization - tax ID # is 59-2968153.